Reform Party of New York

November 16, 1997


There is now available on the Web a list of Reform Party E-Mail addresses, maintained by an indefatigable Bob Moneymaker. You are cordially invited to check out this site, and bookmark it for your future convenience. Our sincerest thanks to Bob, or Bob$$$, as he likes to style himself!

The Musings of a Political Junkie

Greetings, fellow junkies.

Are you not getting enough of politics these days? Do Inside Politics, CNN's AllPolitics site, C-Span's Road to the White House, still not leave you satiated? If indeed you do still feel your political mania to be unfulfilled, don't look here. I'm as frustrated as you! The difference is in addition to doing something productive about it, I've decided to talk to myself through a home page. And who knows? Maybe one of you out there will see in me a kindred soul and derive some morbid reassurance that you are not alone in your hopeless addiction. So stop by any time you feel like it (or more often) and check out my ravings. At the least, you will not be bored, hopefully. And, at the most, my idiocies may even provoke you to respond. So, browse, read, enjoy.

Also, be aware that my provider is making major changes in its server structure and home page structure. This means that some of the internal links on my site may not operate properly on occasion, so your patience is appreciated. Thank you.



On February 9, 1996, I inaugurated an additional feature on this Web site, -- the Poll Corner. I have always had serious objections to the way the mainstream media has reported on opinion polls, and I will use the Poll Corner to keep my readers updated on current polls using a method which I have developed and which I believe imparts a more accurate picture of the situation being reported in a poll than that given by most mass media accounts.



The United States Supreme Court has declared the Internet safe for free speech.  In an historic and inspiring decision, the Court has ruled those portions of the recently passed Communications Act which sought to stifle free expression on the Internet to be clearly unconstitutional and an improper attempt to stifle freedom of thought and expression in cyberspace. What a great week for liberty!

And just so none of us forgets what's really important, which is the future of our children and grandchildren, I'm adding to this Web site the up-to-date figures of our national debt as furnished to us by


The Outstanding Public Debt is:
And if I've said something which has delighted, infuriated, or bored you, don't hesitate to let me know. Here is your opportunity to let me know how you feel, no holds barred. Jump right in and fill out the boxes below. Be aware that I reserve the right to quote your message in whole or in part in future Musings. Full speed ahead!